iPhone 8 Rumor Page Added

The link is up above but I’ve started collecting rumors about the next iPhone. Why?

Because, it is so damn fun.

I have a friend who calls this type of thing “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.”

She has a way with words. Perhaps, she should write for this site?

I may not catch all of the iPhone 8 rumors but I’ll try to get most of them.

In the end, the next phone may not even be called iPhone 8. If I were Apple, and wow! I am sure not. I wouldn’t call it iPhone 8 but something completely different like iPhone Sugar Biscuit.

Sure, when I say it you laugh.

If Apple actually called it that, it would be the most awesome name ever!

I know how this works.

P.S. Don’t think the 30 pin connector on the likeness above is lost on me. That makes this rendering particularly funny.

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