So 10 Days Later…

I haven't posted anything on here for 10+ days.

There is a good reason for that.

Ok, no there is not.

I have a new day time work schedule so maybe that has something to do with it.

Two Things That Piss Me Off

The lady that puts her hazardous lights on, gets out of her mini van in the middle of a busy road to collect mail from a roadside mailbox. The problem is that the lady doesn't just grab the mail and move along. No. She stands there in the road looking at each piece of mail. Hopefully, one day someone will run her fat ass over.

The media (call it mainstream if you'd like) but the media in general really pissed me off over this Sandy Hook school shooting. How many facts can you get wrong? Not only that but the sensationalizing and glorification of an evil cold-blooded child killer is wrong on any planet you may find yourself on. The media should be ashamed of itself for the way it covered this tragic event. Shame on you and I hope you burn in hell you pathetic pieces of shit.

Wow. I feel better.

Yes. Someone still needs to run the fat ass mail lady over. It just needs to happen.