Minecraft Weirdness

The follow picture is a building I have constructed in Minecraft. I sealed up the building when I created it. The only way inside is by going through doors you have to open (they are not automatic). My question is how do horses end up on top of my structure? There is no logical way for them to be up there and yet, there they are.

Minecraft & Me

I’m not sure what prompted me to do so but about a week ago I decided to get Minecraft for xbox One. It looked interesting and I was willing to learn the ropes and start playing.

Then, I discovered “creative” mode. No attacks, no problems, just build build build.

That was right up my alley. That is all I’ve been doing for a week and it is amazingly fun!

I’m currently building a modern city within an island chain. It is called Weirdville.

I always seem to be the Johnny come lately when it comes to video games.

Minecraft has been around for.ever.