Devil Bones: A Quick Summary


Prepare to be either pleasantly surprised or possibly disappointed.

I liked the book. If you watch Bones on Fox then the Temperance Brennan you see will be slightly different than the one in the book.

The Dr. Brennan in the book is more real and much more human than the one on television. She doesn’t have an FBI love interest although she has better relationships in the book. In fact, her relationships are most of what you’ll read about while she investigates her case.

The book version of Temperance also has a grown daughter.

The book version is not a walking lethal weapon either. She is a real woman with real issues. She’s not as cold as the character on television.

I loved the book. Now, I have to get more of these. I was pleasantly surprised and I’m sure you will be too.

I strongly suggest this book.

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